Monday, January 11, 2016

a quick lookback of 2015

2015 was quite memorable for me. I accomplished a lot of things last year. I set up five goals and unknowingly and unexpectedly done it. So let me do a quick recap of what happened during the last 12 months:

January - started the year travelling; celebrated New Year in the airport and arrived on Manila on 01Jan15

February - went for Mussandam trip in Oman

March - decided to take a shot reviewing and impulsively decided to start investing

April - went back and forth for a quick check up in the hospital

May - spent a few weeks in Manila again and completed the documents for my account

June/July - didn't do anything special as this is Ramadan season. Ahmmm, I think during this time I decided to change my lunch habit

August - applied for Schengen visa again. Also did my passport renewal

September - bought a new mobile - Mr. Brown then spent a few days in Manila again then came back for the interview

October - my birthday month, woohoo! Went to Japan during the long weekend and cancelled my Europe trip. Got back my passport with my US visa stamped on it *big smile*

November - busy preparing for my upcoming trip

December - went to Peru and successfully hiked Huayna Picchu! Then went to Manila on 31Dec15 so celebrate New Year after 7 long years

Well, it's a year that I've realized a lot of things and tried to start thinking about my future. Hopefully, this year will a much better and exciting year for me. Excitedly looking forward for it.

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