Thursday, January 12, 2017

memoirs of 2016

It's been a while since I last posted in here. Been busy with a lot of things. I actually drafted a lot of entries but ended up not finishing it. Too bad.

Anyway, as a tradition, let me do a recap of my 2016.

January - spent my very first New Year in Manila after 6 years.

February - went for a short trip to Manila again as I got a few leave days that will get forfeited if I will not use it.

March - had the scare in my life. I came to realize how short our life is and how lonely it is to be alone when you're struggling and feeling unsure if you can still wake up the next day.

April - decided to start living healthy. And so I bought a Nutribullet out of the blue, hehe

May - due to some accumulated debts I got from travelling last year, decided to consolidate it in one go and took a loan to settle them.

June - Ramadan time! Obviously nothing exciting to do as it's too hot to go outside. However, a blessing was received by the whole network. No matter small the amount is, a blessing is still a blessing.

July - decided to use my US visa after months of getting it. Went to New York where I met my highschool friend Alma then later to Chicago where some good soul adopted us for a few days.

August - suddenly felt the urge to travel again so decided to apply for an Australian visa

September - spent my Eid holidays in Sydney. It was fun except for the long flight.

October - my birthday month! This time went to Norway and Netherlands. It's not yet snowing in Oslo but it's already pretty cold that time. I love Oslo, I like how peaceful it is except for the expensive hotels.

November - unexpectedly started a dream project even under a tight budget. Same month where I got so stressed of finding a new place since I need to move out from my current room. Lose a lot of weight coz of that.

December - spent my first Christmas in Manila since I missed it from 2009. It's a very happy Christmas for me coz for the first time, I felt warm and peace of celebrating it at home. Also, another small blessing was received and was effected this month.

I can't believe how time flies so fast. Seems like yesterday when I'm recapping my 2015 but now I'm doing the 2016.

Though I don't have a list of goals in 2016, it still a happy year for me coz I've done a lot of things that I've been thinking to do.

This year, I already mentally listed my goals and priorities. Hopefully I'll be able to do them.

Have a wonderful year ahead to everyone!


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