Sunday, July 02, 2017

current status

My current state is in total shambles. Everything seems unsure. Like my world is currently in unstable balance. Starting to feel weird and imagining all sort of non sense things.

Some part of me wanted to open up with someone to console a bit of my soul, however, another side of me wanted to be alone. Guess my introvertness is surfacing and taking control of me.

Not sure how long this will last but I'm pretty sure that if this situation continues for a month or so, I may be heading back home. And this made me think whether it's a good or bad sign.

I'm trying to be as normal as I can be. But sometimes I can't help not to overthink and it's taking a toll on me. It's worrisome but some other people doesn't understand it - the situation I'm currently in. The uncertainty that I'm facing that I can't share with anyone. The if's that may happen. 

I was looking at the window and thought to myself, things happened so fast and took me by surprise that I wasn't able to prepare a backup plan. That it's scary to think that I may end up in the losing side. What a bummer.

No one knows what will happen. Or what will be the final verdict.