Saturday, September 15, 2012

newfound hobby

Recently I had this urge to cook. Being the moody me, I always have this sudden urges to do something then after sometime, it will pass by.

It all started when I'm browsing some videos in youtube that I ended up watching some cooking tutorial about tom yum goong. Tom yum goong is my favorite Thai dish. Am so super inlove with it although it's too spicy to me, I don't care. Just like kimchi and kimchi soup that's too spicy for me but I do still eat them  -___-

So the next day, went to the supermarket to buy all the ingredients I needed. Tried to follow the instructions on how to cook tom yum goong in the video and asked some people to eat with. Turned out they didn't appreciate my cooking :(  But for me, taste almost fine. Haaay, you know that sometimes I can be so sensitive with simple things. So when I feel like people don't appreciate what I do or me, I tend to do things for my own instead and never bother to share it anymore. I know I know, it's one of my baddest trait but I prefer to do things for myself than to other people who will not appreciate it.

I did the creamy one coz I love the sweet chilli taste

Then yesterday I cooked my own version of Filipino style spaghetti.

I only put minced pork as I don't have any hotdogs 

Then I realized I wanted to eat chips with salsa. Since I got traumatized ordering stuffs for delivery (only for veggies and other fresh products), I went to the supermarket in the evening. I got really annoyed to the supermarket staff as I was asking where is cilantro (it's so confusing for me to distinguish cilantro, parsley and coriander to each other) and he looks at me stupidly only to find out after a long long minute of staring back to me blankly that he doesn't know also. Ammpf! Anyway, I end up buying coriander in the end.

Also bought a new knife coz I need a really sharp knife for cutting. Since it's new, it's too sharp I end up cutting my own finger. Bloody knife!

Blood keeps oozing out of my finger and I had to put band aid on it and had to struggle cutting the ingredients. But this didn't lower my spirit. Turned out fine but it's not what I wanted the cut to turn out. Anyway, I was so surprised when I taste it coz it taste so fresh! Well, I thought that they are only exaggerating in the videos when they said that their cooking taste so fresh. But last night, it proved that I was wrong. I almost cried wtf after tasting my own version of pico de gallo. I did another version of salsa long ago where I grill the ingredients (coz that's how I saw it on the mexican video) and taste was fine but this one I like better.

I only made a small (not really small as the bowl was quite big) portion for myself

Suddenly realized that my cupboard was now filled with so many condiments I couldn't believe it is really my own cupboard. Before, my cupboard was always filled with canned goods, cup noodles and junk foods such as chips and chips, ahehe. Now, I had assorted oils - from sesame to oilve oil, some Thai condiments, some spices, pasta, sauces, and of course canned goods. Honestly, I'm not sure if having a personal fridge in my room has it's advantage or disadvantage as I keep now veggies in the crisper - had tomatoes, gingers - regular and galangal, carrots, onions, lemon grass, capsicum, limes and coriander. Turned out I bought so many portions coz I don't know how many I will use that they are now in the fridge. The fridge in the kitchen is a sharing one and already full of their veggies I don't want to add up mine. Also have ice cream and more chocolates and sodas.

Today am planning to cook garlic buttered shrimp. I already prepared my ingredients last night. Cleaned the shrimps where they stung my fingers :(   I rewatched the tutorial video and I hope I could manage to cook it well. ^__^

I think am gaining weight coz for the last week I've been eating a lot of junkfoods before I go to sleep. Am eating ice cream and a big bag of chips coz I can't sleep if I didn't eat them. And this is not good. Recently, I don't know which one is good or bad, drinking alcohol to make me sleep or eating junk foods to make me sleep. Wtf!

Since I made little promise to myself that I will avoid drinking, I diverted my attention to food and cooking. When am cooking, my mind becomes busy am forgetting other things. And I always looked forward for the food that I know will match my tastebuds. I love sweet food and I can't find any sweet dishes outside coz they taste different. With me cooking my own food, I can adjust it to my own liking. And coz of this, am feeling happy. Doesn't matter if am the only one who's eating my cooking, as long as I feel happy eating it alone, I don't mind. ^___^ 

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