Friday, September 14, 2012

georgia day 3 & 4

Sorry for being a lazy gal and I just now had the time to upload our day 3 and 4 pictures trip on Georgia.

Day 3, we went to Kazbegi mountain for the whole day. And it's freakin' tiring to hike all the way to top.

group picture!

beautiful castle

this is actually our first stop before going to Kazbegi; forgot the name of the place

view on the other side

ladies pic

I like this pic coz I look slim in here. You know that I hate to edit coz am too lazy to do it so it makes me too happy when pictures of me are coming good ^_^

 going underground

 found this doggie but he only allowed me to pet him coz Niko was holding him, wtf! thiiiis Georgian dogs!

we stop for a little while to refresh

this creepy yellow looking stones have water that is rich in iron so we ran for it and drink it

I don't remember what's so funny that makes us all laugh

these hats were made from sheep that's so stinky after this picture we immediately returned it 

love this green green mountain

am actually on the cliff

now we're starting to walk up to the top of the mountain

our destination

we finally arrived in this orthodox church

there are still some little snow left on the top of the mountain

see the village below?

Niko photobombing our pic

clouds were oozing out on the mountains it looks like smoke

with a Malaysian guy we met on the top of the mountain

 I'm clinging to Niko's bag like a monkey coz I don't trust my own feet to walk on my own :( #clumsy

dinner at some local restaurant after a very tiring day. couldn't count how many shots of chacha I had but felt like I didn't drink at all

And that's how our day three ends.

Day four is just a tour around Tbilisi with Niko's sisters, Tiko and Mancho:

 after taking photos on the escalator, we heard some announcement that was later on translated by our Georgian guides saying no picture takng on escalators, haha....

trying their metro

we walked and had pictures under the freakin' heat of midday. 

had our lunch at some local resto and the girls thought we want beer and ordered them instead of bottled fizzy drink that liked flavoured "pears"  -___-

we took cable car to get to mother of Georgia. She's in kinda high place

 mother of Georgia

I was calling this dog but I think he's too tired or exhausted to get up due to extreme heat

 dead tree it is!

 found a black kitty and he's so nice I want to take him home :(

 our last pic on this bridge

After this, we went to the ice cream shop to refresh then head back to the hotel. I ask every single one of them to go with me to the pool coz I want to take a dip but nobody went with me -___-  They went out to take more pictures while Blesie stayed in their room as she's not feeling well. Pool is too deep for me I can't dare to try to swim so I stayed on the sides.

And that's summarizes our whole trip to Georgia. I went home more dark skinned than before. But I've got many sweet memories, like Niko's favorite toast ^___^

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