Monday, August 27, 2012

i cheat :(

Ok ok, I admit I did it. I know I shouldn't do it but I couldn't help not to. I'm so curious!

Although I promise to myself that I will not do it, still, I found myself doing it. And it's frustrating. :(

Haay, sometimes I wonder what kind of person I am. 

Anyway, I should now continue to read book two. Coz I read the last chapter of fifty shades of freed - and it's cheating!  ^___^




Looking outside the window of the bus, I saw them. Realization hits me. No matter how close the person is, there is still gap between the two of you. And you were left but to admire from afar. Thinking of possibilities. Wishing for the impossible. Dreaming for uncertainty. In any case, I should say, wake up and live for reality. Sad but real. But hope is still alive.

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