Sunday, August 05, 2012

blah blah...

Someday if I'm lucky to have a child, I will name him "Ethan".

Before I always thought it will be "Vincent" or "Chester", but I dismiss the last one due to some personal reason. I don't want my future son to have the same name as my ex-boyfriend.

Currently I haven't thought of any name for a baby girl. Maybe because I fancy more to have a baby boy?

Ohh... What am I thinking?

How come am thinking of having a child when I don't think of having a husband? Not that I wanted a child out of marriage, it's just the thought suddenly popped in my head.

Or maybe I saw the movie "Mission Impossible" the other day?

Or I just read too much weddings?

Or am just emotional unstable right now?

I think this is the effect of too much alcohol in my system. Geez...

Told you, I will avoid temptation from now on.

 Now am getting depress again.  -___-

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