Monday, August 20, 2012


I'm finally come to my senses. I just hope I can stay firmly on my decision. Coz no matter how I deny it, the fact that it's already been done, I cannot change it. So all I have to do is to move on. After all, I know that it won't last. We talked about it from the start. We just had "fun". If this will continue, I know that in the end that I'm the one who will be the loser.

Back to reality, I still haven't fixed my things / move some things to the other wardrobe. It's not that I'm lazy, I had to do laundry for the whole day which unfortunately I didn't finish, wtf!

I planned to cook spaghetti today but when I tried to order the ingredients coz I only have pasta on my cupboard, they don't have spaghetti sauce. So what's the use? I cancelled my other order and ate Cathy's cooking instead. What a bummer!

I moved my bed to the far side of my room. But I'm still thinking if it's a good idea. Anyway, I can always move the bed whenever I wanted it.

I spent my two days off at Jackie's place in Abu Dhabi. Didn't do anything aside from eating and drinking. And the funny and scariest thing that happened to me yesterday was to ride in a complete strangers car! I dunno what made me decide to do it, maybe I just really wanted to go home. Good thing that kuya is a good guy. And I think he likes Jackie coz he's quite disappointed when he found out that I'm the only one whom he needs to drop off to the bus station and he keeps on asking me things about her, haha.

Honestly, I got really nervous so I was praying all along while I keep on chatting with him. And when he finally dropped me off to the terminal, I literally run to buy the ticket, haha.

Anyway, I got home safe and sound. Am so thankful with papa god for guiding and keeping me safe all along.

Found some old pics and I noticed how much I gain weight! Am so fat now, haist. Really need to trim down and cut those calories.

Btw, I just noticed on facebook that a lot of people were going to Tbilisi, Georgia. Hmm...

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