Thursday, August 23, 2012

definitely not my day

I just finished reading "fifty shades of grey". Jesus, it's really an erotic novel. I wonder how Cathy manages to read it coz I wouldn't recommend it to a virgin person to read. It's so surreal for me, or so I think.

Well back to reality, this probably my worst day of this month. First of all, my day started me feeling so shitty in the morning. I dunno what happened to me. This cycle never happened to me before. Delayed yes but not twice a month. Maybe because of the medicine I took? But I did take it before and nothing happened to me. Is it because I've been drinking like hell every week and sometimes drinking a little bit during weekdays so I can sleep at night? Or am just too stressed over so many things? Or because I don't eat properly at night, only eating shitty foods?

Seriously, I don't know. And my sense of smell today is incredibly sensitive that I almost vomit when I smelled the perfume in the locker room. And unbelievable cramps I had for the whole day.

And to make my day worst, my manager literally dump my idea of having a vacation on December. Just when I so decided to celebrate Christmas and New Year with my family, he shattered my dreams into small, tiny pieces. In broad daylight, heard by everyone. -___-

So right now, instead of enjoying my precious Thursday night, am stuck in the flat. Just lying in the bed listening to hardcore rock music. I still have cramps and it's driving me crazy.

I wonder why nobody sends me messages anymore. Have they forgotten my roaming number? I'm sure my number is not yet expired coz I still have credits left there. :( 

Tomorrow is Big Papa's advance birthday celebration. I originally planned to visit Anna and Gab first but now I'm not sure. It depends on my health condition. If am feeling ok by tomorrow, then I will decide what to do. Too bad I cannot drink much at the party. Actually, in my state I should not drink tomorrow. Because this is not normal. And it's freaking the hell out of me.

Right now I want to be beside my mama, eating her cooking and listening to her stories. :(

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