Tuesday, August 07, 2012

that awkward moment...

That awkward moment when you:
  • realize that your phone became so silent 
  • saw those old small notes in your things while you're actually trying to find some old files
  • try to delete those old photos but then memories rushed in your mind and you got confused whether to delete it or not
  • want to say something but couldn't bear to do it
  • want to look in the eyes but you're scared that that person may see something in your eyes instead
  • look into other people's profile and saw this heart warming video and started to cry like crazy
  • have free international calls credit but cannot use it for unknown reason
  • want to go on diet but got home and prepare some food only to realize that you cooked a lot
  • burned fried eggs
  • forgot the rest of the things you wanted to write because someone / something bugged you

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