Saturday, September 29, 2012


I went to Abu Dhabi to spend my weekend there. It feels goods to be reunited with my friends as I missed having them. Have nice food and good chat, haay, what could I ask for a weekend.

Since a lot of my friends and former officemates transferred to RC, being there was like I'm still one of them. Like it's the old times. They talk about people and things that I know and I can relate to. I was in that certain point that I almost regret my decision of declining the offer I had to join this team. Everytime they share their wonderful moments, there's something inside me telling that I should've been included there, but I chose not to. And it makes me think if I really did make the right decision - which I know the answer should be yes.

It's not that I no longer have friends here, but it's different. Now am starting to do things alone whereas before I always do things with someone. Maybe it's me that I haven't gotten myself to open up with other people or people just see me as the "unfriendly" one. I think Niko's the only one who dares to sit in the same table in the cafeteria with me.

I think I had this tendency to create my own cliche and this is the first time that I was left behind. And I couldn't get over it. And honestly, it's freaking me out.

I hate to be alone although there are moments that I like to have my "me" moment. Right now, I don't have a any girlfriend nearby I can talk to whenever am in my weird moments. And it's very hard to share it with guys coz they don't understand it. They just call me drama queen instead.

Anyway, back to my weekend, had great Thai/Chinese/Mongolian dinner at Royal Orchid in Hilton Hotel. Had my fave tom yum and it's delicious. Also had grilled tenderloin beefs which is surprisingly soft. Then sticky rice with ripe mango as dessert, yums!

Then we had tea break at Columbiana where I accidentally sitted facing a decapitating building that makes me feel anxious for some reason. Weirdness strikes me.

Then when I went home today, Jane called me to visit her flat coz she's going to give something to me. She gave these puffs she love to cook plus a nail care set which surprises me. I'm so touch I want to cry, wtf. She's always nice to me I feel blessed. 

If only I knew she will give me this puffs, I should've not bought those arabic bread coz for sure they will just reach their expiration date without being eaten. Poor poor arabic breads -___-

Anyway, I'm gonna go now as I need to finish eating so I can sleep early, inshallah.

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