Tuesday, February 18, 2014

boring day

I've moved to my new room for days now but I still didn't managed to clean or sort my things. For some reason, I've been sick lately and I cannot move much.

Though I just drank randomly all the medicines I could find in my things, I hope I'll get better tomorrow so I can start sorting all the things I needed to do and do a major cleaning of the room.

I've been taken care of by Rahyan am so touched I wanna cry lah ,wtf. She was even worried about me not eating, well it is a bit common for me to skip meals due to my laziness. I really wanted to go with them to the mall but I feel so sick I don't have the energy to go out. Maybe coz it's too cold yesterday.

Btw, my visa still hasn't come out. Coz of that, I still haven't started my exit clearance and my last pay still on hold. I'm experiencing the same stress I had less than 3 years ago. Haayz...

Anyway, hope I'll get better on friday so I can go out and have fun.

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