Tuesday, March 11, 2014

news blues

Recently am sporting a new lifestyle. I can say that my previous work gives me a "sheltered life" kind of life. Now am totally independent.

Never once I walk in the morning or get myself sweat before starting to work. Now after almost two weeks in my new work, it's either I have to fight a battle to get a taxi, run to the bus stop to catch the bus or worst, walk till I reach my office.

My house is like 15-20 minutes by walk away from the office. Less if you walk fast. I'm on heels so I can't walk fast unless i want to injure my own feet. Several times I experience walking straight to the office as the bus already left and no taxi can be seen.

This new lifestyle should make me healthy ayt? But hell no. Since I moved here, I can count on my fingers the days that I'm feeling ok. Most of the times, I'm always sick. Either I have a cold, cough, fever or all of them. My voice has been low I miss my old shrieking one.

Rice? Am so missing you. It's not that I can't cook rice, the problem is that I don't have anything to partner to it.

Last night tried to boil some eggs using the rice cooker. Totally forgot about it and it turned out to a very hard boiled eggs.

In the office I'm still in the adjustment period. It's a bit hard coz I need to build their trust on me and my work. Not only on my own department but to other department as well. I still don't remember everybody's name and faces so it's a bit hard for me. My manager is still unresponsive to my presence which I need to work on hardly. I'm just afraid that a point may come and I'll disappoint them (as they know that I'm not new in this field) and their epxectation on me is different.

I already set a goal for myself. And am gonna do whatever it takes for me to get it (of course in a proper way). Determination it is!

Now am off somewhere to gate crash other people's bbq  party.

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