Sunday, April 08, 2012


Is there a word such as "addictness"?

I'm getting addicted to the game "temple run". It's a free appli available for android phones. And I'm so into it that I even took breaks during working hours just to play it. Teehee...

Am freakin' tired tonight. Blesie and I went to Etilasat in Al Qusais to transfer the internet ownership to me. And I'm wearing heels and I thought that I'm gonna die. You see, I really don't have problems walking. But if I'm wearing heels, it's a different story.

Now my feet and legs hurt like a madman stomp into them.

One time, the veins in my feet hurts that I wore flats in the office. And everybody noticed how small I am. I know am not tall that's why I wear heels but I didn't thought that everybody will notice the big difference when I'm wearing one and when I'm not. One even have the nerve to ask me, "no heels today yani?". Wtf!

So back to our rendezvous, this wtf driver drop us in front of Al Atwar mall where we thought where Etisalat is. Only to find out that it is located on the opposite road! Goodness...

I didn't went to church coz I know I may not feel well in a place full of people. Haay...

Btw, am excited for our trip to Abu Dhabi. I hope this will not be cancelled or else I'll go berserk coz I used my debit card to reserve the booking. It will be a girls' trip and I'm feeling so hopeful to lose weight so I can wear my swimsuit which I think will be very very impossible.

Anyway, happy easter!

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