Tuesday, April 24, 2012

i miss... i'm back

I missed so many things for the last few days. Been so lazy to open my lappy thus resulting in not playing  fb games, updating my blogs and checking other sites I normally visits.

I dunno what happen but I'm just too lazy to open my lappy these past few days. Maybe due to the reason that I can access internet on my fone which is freakingly always lowbat.

Went to Abu Dhabi last friday and stayed at IC. It's nice to bond with Anna and Jacky but I hate the long  journey. I hate travelling in the bus and going there took us two hours to reach the bus station.

Lazy me just pack my things in the morning. I woke up five to 8am then I force fed myself coz I know I'll starve in the bus. After 20 minutes of non stop chewing while watching MTV, I hurriedly took a bath then threw all the things I needed for my trip. 

I almost got left by the bus. I'm still on my slippers coz my strappy sandals was way too time consuming to wear so I decided to bring it and change in the bus which I wasn't able to do so.

I was about to take a nap on the bus when I realized that my toiletries including my sunglass were missing in my bag. Panic attack, I sent a message to Anna where we can buy sunnies coz I know I will need it. Jacky on the line was even accusing me that I'm still on bed pretending to be on my way, wtf.

Anyway, bought sunnies at the bus station in an unbelievable price wtf.

Smooth check in, got a club room and used my debit card again wtf.

First day on the beach, second day on the pool. 

Had a very nice, relaxing weekend with my girlfriends. Too bad I still don't have the copies of our pictures.




I started yesterday with my so called "ap training". Now everybody thinks I'm going to transfer there which is freakingly not true. But I like it. Though I didn't even say a word about cross training during my apr, it's my manager who decided about it. Well well, if things go well... it will be my benefit.

But somewhere somehow, I'm a bit pressured with my work. Especially that month end is near, I need to prove something. And that something will be the basis of my manager as like what we discussed last month. And it's driving me crazy. He wants to be prove something to higher bosses, and I want to prove something to them. o_O




I decided to sleep early from now on. Been sleeping around 10:30pm for last few days. Hope I will be able to do this for the rest of the week coz this thursday, our flat will be in party mode due to Blesie's farewell party.

Time check... 9:45pm...

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