Saturday, April 28, 2012


I feel guilty for not doing the turkey ham sandwich for Blesie's farewell party. I know, I know I told her I'm going to help her prepare some foods but I didn't know that our practice for the flash mob dance will be extended. So I got home almost 8pm and the foods were already prepared. o_O

I asked my mom to load some credits to my roaming number. Then I left my mobile on my room for the whole day. I saw the message that the credit's already in my account but didn't bother to send message to her coz it's already midnight and I feel sleepy. Woke up this morning with her message in my fb asking if I received the load and why am I not replying to her messages. Guilty!

Remember when I wrote about me and Erlyn buying vouchers for some treatment? Yup, I called the salon and booked for the five sessions. Decided for the dates without consulting her (though she can hear me coz I called in the office), she was even nice enough to remind me that for the last session, I booked it on the same day of our Oman trip wtf. So I called the other day to booked it in a different date. Then a few days ago, we received the email for the last practice day of the flash mobby thing and it falls on the same date of our session! I was like, uh oh... I know no matter how I assures her that I will be able to come, after our last practice on thursday, I think I'll have a problem with time management but couldn't afford to tell her that as I was the one who booked it.

We went out yesterday to have a dinner. I'm quite full as I had a big lunch earlier so I'm not excited with us going out for dinner. Then while we're dining and am trying to tell him some stories which he unintendedly ignores (?), I suddenly remembered something then I got irritated at him. Hmmm... 

Sister's husband is nice enough to look into my lappy as I kept complaining about things like that it's so slow and all other stuff yadah yadah. then he nicely offered to download some programs to clean my lappy and remove some unwanted programs which I didn't see which are they as I fell asleep during the whole process. I woke in the middle of the night with his messages to me instructing me to restart the lappy so something can be rebooted or whatever. Instead of doing it, I forcely shut down my lappy coz I'm feeling so sleepy then send him a short message that we'll continue it some other time instead of thanking him. o_O

He was also testing some kind of new system in which he asked me to try months ago but still up to date didn't do. I honestly don't intentionally ignored it, but just couldn't find the right time to do it. Example, we will be able to talk to each other at night when I just came from the office and  feeling pretty tired. I don't even play games anymore as I only use nowadays my mobile to access the net.

Okay, I still have too many guilty moments that I prefer not to write anymore as I'm feeling more guiltier than before. 


I'm still planning to do window shopping or do some shopping. I know I'm weird but I don't really like shopping. Going around in the mall for hours? Jesus! Like a nightmare.

Guess I was a man in my previous life coz I'm the only girl who doesn't enjoy shopping. As much as possible if I want to buy something, I always wish I can see it and buy it in just one store so I can go and eat. If you're going to ask me which I prefer between shopping and eating, I'll choose eating without thinking twice.

Anyway, too bad I need to go out alone today. So it will be me, my self and I today.

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