Tuesday, May 01, 2012

the flash mob experience x stressful day

As per title given, I kinda registered myself to join the flash mob dance that we did last night. I think alien invaded me that made me self volunteered to register. I even attended the practice sessions (which is my escape goat when I don't want to work anymore and go home early).

Since it's a white party, everybody were required to wear white which to my grimace made me look so fat that Jane saw me in the locker room and told me that I do gain weight. Arghhh...

Actual performace is a disaster. I'm praying that nobody will upload the video, though am quite sure that nobody will be able to see me as I'm on the back, haha.

Kinda embarassing that even though I made an effort but #majorfail, I still don't have the guts to stay long in the party after the dance. I didn't even remember that we do have the after dance meeting, just found out this morning from Diana about the vouchers that were given to the dancers that night as a sort of compensation for the effort of embarrassing ourselves in front of many people wtf.

Anyway, thick faced me sent an email to Helen to ask about our voucher (me, Joan and Lisi) and confirm if the raffle for CP Yas Island stay and free access to Ferrari World for two is still on. Well she said of course so I'm crossing my fingers that I will be lucky enough (though am never been lucky in raffle draws) to get selected coz I remember that this is the only reason why I joined this drama.

Hundred percent will not post any pictures. I'm planning to do a big bun for my hair that night but due to limited time and my rubberband didn't cooperate with me and broken into two pieces, I had no choice but to just tie it. o_O

Earlier that day, I'm so stressed and pressured. Take note of the "ED" as this is what I felt for that day. Month end is always a disaster. People thought that our section don't have it, but in reality, we have. Do you know stressful it is to call all the companies and travel agents demanding for payments? And my manager doesn't take no for an answer. And this fucking contacts were all hiding from us. Courier not very cooperative that we have to go by ourselves to pick up the cheque. We went to DOTW since we're not 100% sure if courier will collect the cheque so just to make sure. Turned out it was collected already  so we moved to Travco. I wanted to cry coz I've got atleast 10 cheques to post and allocate and we're there waiting and chatting with Mohamad. We spent an hour there and by the time we got back in the office, it's already 6:20 and I'm planning to get ready by 7pm as Costina will pick me up by 7:30 to go to the party.

I almost hit my forecast if only my two travel agents paid me this month end. My forecast collection is 1.9 million for three properties for month end, turned out I only collected 1.7 million (almost!). Next month if am still handling this segment, I'll give a lower forecast to them. 

This unbearable pressure that I felt melted away when my manager told me that I passed the rating that he told me to achieve. That I did a good job this month. Hah! Atleast something good to the ear.

Fingers crossed about that off-the-record thingy. Dreams are for free so there's no harm on it. Inshallah!

Getting addicted with groupon! Already bought several deals, wish it's worth it.

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