Saturday, May 05, 2012

weekend movies

Yesterday we watched the most awaited "The Avengers". I had so much fun though we had to watch it in 2d instead of 3d as no more good seats were available in 3d. Hmpf!

Anyway, most of lines were so funny I couldn't help not to laugh aloud. Okay, just like so many girls out there, I like Thor and Captain America most. The Chrises. Haha...

Just finished watching again for the nth time one of my fave movies "The Devil wears Prada". This movie is my inspiration. I remember the first time I watch this movie, I was in a sort of office dilemma. So this movie like help me in some ways, or so I thought.

Currently watching "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire". Hmm... Guess Robert Pattinson is a real catch in real life coz he portrays two handsome characters in two movies, Harry Potter's Cedrick and Twilight's Edward. Another hmmm....

But this movie is a lot different from the book. If I weren't able to read the book, I will not be able to understand the small details.

I think I need to move and fix myself as we are going for another session. Hope it works!

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