Thursday, May 24, 2012

back again

Yes, I'm alive again.

Currently I'm into some kind of epiphany to learn how to swim. Yup, after 20+++ years of my life, I suddenly came to that realization.

Last week after staying at Holiday Inn Bur Dubai, where we had the pool to ourselves as no one uses it except for a few hours where this kid decided to take a dip and destroyed my enjoyment #selfishness, I decided to swim in the pool at the accomodation ALONE. Well I actually asked Erlyn but she was feeling too lazy to swim so I decided to go by myself. I can say that I had a little bit of progress in swimming so I decided to continue doing it every weekend. But I can only do it during early evening as it's freakin' too hot now.

Tonight we watched MIB 3. Goodness, I like it. Haha.. Now am agent S. Sweet... ^_^

Work related, fingers crossed for that. Currently my mind is on a swirl, sometimes I don't know what to decide. Of course am aiming for something, but if I wanted a different future, I should try that other option also. Ahhh... I'm so confused. Should I or should I not?

On the other note, had this fight again. Felt like I was hit by Thor's hammer on what he told me. Am I that bad? Felt numb that I don't know what to react. I felt bad that I don't know what to say anymore. So currently just keeping my mouth shut. Honestly, I didn't know that I was like that. I admit I'm kinda attention seeker but taking consideration of my situation, I'm just hoping some people might understand me. But am wrong. Everything turned out bad that now I miss those times before the major fight we had.

Anyway, looking forward for another vacation. Hope I can relax and enjoy.

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