Wednesday, May 16, 2012

oman it is!

It's been a long time since I last update my blog. Due to my laziness and being busy.

Went to Oman last weekend. Stayed at Intercontinental Hotel Muscat but sadly to say, I didn't felt the five star experience we should feel. Plus we didn't get the 25% discount on f&b due to reasons I didn't bother to elaborate, wtf.

Total twelve hours trip by bus back and forth, had to spend awful time on the stamping stops wtf. Including the dog show (though I admit that the labrador dog is kinda cute) and queuing for the entry stamp where there are locals who keep on making "singit" over the line.

 At first this cat is just roaming around, only to found out later that he's actually looking some place to rest. 

It's freakin' hot outside and Niko kept complaining in the bus coz apparently, he got scared to wear shorts as Anna told her that it's not allowed (look at Maricar who wore shorts and people were NR). My purple neck pillow became very useful during the entire trip

outside restaurant hunting #beenbarbequedalive

shot not scripted; we were really looking to the menu, haha...

@ Feeney's Bar enjoying Sangria

@ trader vics bar

@ rockbottom... the infected p***y and quick f**k shots that made us laugh non stop...

Just to share this wonderful experience, when we arrived in Muscat, the bus driver drop us near the hotel. Near in sight but not in reality. It's freakin' hot and there's no taxi. Walking is a big no no. Then a van stopped in front of us, we thought it's a taxi since he has some sort of thing on top (we cannot read as most of the writings in Oman were in arabic). He dropped us in the hotel and didn't ask for any payment. Thumbs up for you Mr. Driver!

In the end, we weren't able toroam around Muscat as (1) no big taxis are available, (2) all the good spots were far and (3) we only have limited time.

So we just enjoyed ourselves in the pool, beach and hit three bars in one night.

I got drunk but not smashed. When we got home after clubbing, I passed out in the bed. Woke up in the morning feeling so thirsty and hungry. o_O




Btw, Jacky had this wedding last time I talk to her. Getting gaga over weddings to the extent to sending me pics of wedding gown in which I foolishly chose two. Haha... This is what you call the "June wedding fever".

Time check, 11:34pm. Dammit, and I had to wake up at 6:30am tom to catch the bus. And I didn't prepare my clothes for tomorrow. Bummer!

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