Tuesday, May 29, 2012

terrible headache

As per title given, I'm currently experiencing a terrible headache... Massive headache wtf!

I feel guilty coz I lost the fancy ring that Anna gave to me. It's actually a matching ring for her and Jaq. I think I left it on the toilet near the cinema. #heartbroken

Speaking of cinema, I watched again MIB 3 but now in 3D. Dunno what's happening with me nowadays that I keep on watching same movies in the cinemas. o_O

It's Jackie's birthday bash so we went to a steakhouse and had a very good meal. Had wagyu beef steak that almost made me cry coz I super love it. 

okay photo a bit blurred coz I got this from my instagram

Other pics I don't want to post coz I look fat and got stupid look on my face. Had also soup that taste like sardines wtf.

Just hope that Jac did like the voucher that I gave to her. #fingerscrossed

Earlier that day, I was able to extort an ice cream treat from Makram... Harhar...

Just checked my online banking and salary is still not in! What in the world is happening? I think only few of us were not able to get the salary for reason I dunno. Niko might probably kill mo tomorrow during breakfast coz I forgot to give him a call about buying the tickets. What to do yani no salary yet! o_O

Still have a lot to write but my head is throbbing like crazy. I think I'll rest for now.

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