Tuesday, April 17, 2012

what I've been doing

Wasn't able to blog for quite a long time. Been busy with so many things, so let me a do a quick recap of what I've done for the past week:

  • Been addicted to Instagram, was so happy that it's now available on android phones
  • Been addicted to Temple Run in which am so grudgingly have to admit that I can't beat meow's score
  • Been using whatsapp in my day to day messaging (I even forgot that I do have a load)
  • Bought a great deal at Groupon (me and Erlyn were planning to use it next week)
  • Went for a night getaway
  • Played paintball for the first time in my life; and had a big bruise remembrance on my hips
  • Been to Alpha Tours and met the legendary Shyju (haha...)
  • Been depressed as my oh so favorite bear fone cover/protector is now broken 
  • Received the email that my national ID is now ready for pick up at HRs office
  • Received my ID for donating blood
  • Received my Ntrust card
  • Unsuccessful with my diet plan as now I'm eating dinner TWICE and I gained weight in an unbelievable short time span
  • Had a meeting in the office about my so called "cross training"
  • Heard the oh so juicy story of Silvestore 

 Upcoming events:
  • Abu Dhabi trip with Anna and Jacky
  • Farewell party of Blesie
  • Flash mob

Hmm.... Looking forward for more exciting things to happen.

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