Tuesday, April 03, 2012

the craziness...

I watched "Wrath of the Titans" - TWICE.

Yup. Not once, but twice. Not because it's my favorite movie, it's due to some reasons that I can't escape. First time I watch it with meow in 3d coz he wants to experience 3d movie (what a late bloomer!) and  no 3d movie for "The Hunger Games" is available and it's way too long to watch. I can't say no to him coz he wanted it so badly but I honestly doesn't want to watch coz I already agreed with Niko that we're going to watch it after office. o_O

When I went to the office last saturday and saw Niko there and he found out that I already watch it, he looks disappointed that I told him that eventhough I already watch it, I will still watch it again with them. So there, I watch it again last night but not in 3d mode. 

The movie's ok but when it was shown here in Dubai, there's so many scenes that were cut. I felt like I watch a movie in a local channel who cuts movies in order to utilize the airtime due to lots of commercials.

Then after the movie last night, we went to Hard Rock Cafe. Man, it's so freaking boring that after one round of drinks, we went home immediately.

I'm looking forward for the dragon boat competition on friday. Hope our boat will win... Fingers crossed!

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