Wednesday, May 29, 2013


In serious trouble finding flights :(

We already found our hotels, thanks to Blesie's boss coz he was kind enough to look for us for the last missing one. And I already cancelled all the unnecessary ones.

Problem is, am not familiar with the cities and airports nearby. I think my talent in searching stuff is long gone as my patience is running out now!

Help... somebody help me...

We're actually don't have enough time now as this trip is next week already. We only have few days to finalize this.

And now I only realized that after this long trip, I will have 4-5 free extra days as we will be back on 18Jun13 early morning. So what am I suppose to do with my free days? OMG! I don't want to think that I will be trapped in the flat that long coz am sure am already broke to go out. Waaaaa... Somebody please adopt me or good enough to accompany me during these days. Such a waste! I suddenly missed those days when I can ask someone to accompany me.

And I'm feeling so sleepy now just when I needed to do a lot of research. :(


On the other note, went to Jackie's birthday dinner last night. Such a nostalgic place to visit. Funny thing, a guy (I totally forgot who he is) told me how come he didn't see me for such a long time. Just told him that I already resigned long ago. Ahaha..

Now I feel guilty for my gift to Jackie coz I really don't have time to buy some present plus am in a saving mode (so I can't spend my money right now). That gift is actually for someone I told that I will give plus the other souvenir I bought but ends up not giving it for various reasons. I was actually surprised to see it in my drawer in the office coz I thought the last one in my flat is the one I save for him but turns out I brought the other box to the office in case I see him before. But since things turned out ugly, better not to waste it. Hmmm... Well, it's a life saver. Instant gift. Aheh.

My so called diet was so mess up coz there's always something coming up to spoil it. Today they announce the lateral move of Prishy so we have a chocolate mini party. I ate so much chocolate (actually it's not that much but since am in a diet, it's already too much) and actually hid some more in my drawer for tomorrow. PG lang ang peg, hahaha...

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