Thursday, May 23, 2013


I guess am not going to buy nor eat that noodles again. Coz it's a very lonely noodle.

You see, since I foresee that my evening will be as boring as hell, I decided to pass by at hyperpanda to buy some food to eat. When I got to the noodles section, I saw a lot of new flavours I wasn't able to control myself I took a lot. Now I can survive in two weeks with my ninja food!

But this chow mien was a meh! It makes me sad I can't help my tears not to fall from my eyes.

Recently my weekends are becoming boring as hell. Most of my friends are busy with something else they don't want to hang out with me anymore. Haayz... I called several people today but either they were busy with other things or they don't want to go out at all. And I really super hate to force someone coz I hate begging somebody else time. And when I feel rejected, I'll never ever ask again for the same reason.

Actually, if I really wanted to, I can still ask other people to go out with me. But the problem is, they need to have super long patience and jolly attitude as I tend to shut up for a long time. Especially nowadays. So if they don't know me, we will end up not talking to each other for the whole time.

I really really hate staying in the flat during my off. It's like a prison for me. And it sucks out my energy.

Back to the grocery, I was roaming around not knowing what exactly what I wanted to buy. I saw bitter gourds and was about to buy them when I remember that I don't have any pork to partner with it. And saw some squids but I don't know how to cook them. Coz aside from being lazy, am not really a good cook. And that sucks!

Okay, as much as I hate to admit it, I do miss it when somebody else is cooking for me. Now all am eating is canned foods or my ninja foods. Meh!

But I bought a lot of sweets and chips that will keep me company in the nights. As you can see, even if am in a diet (which I cheated again tonight), I can't sleep at night if I didn't eat a bag of chips or chocolates.

I opened my closet to get something when suddenly most of my clothes fell on the floor. Great! Now everything's in a rumble. No wonder I can't find most of my shirts, I think it was buried somewhere in my closet. But am too lazy to sort and fold them. Such a troublesome work.

I suddenly remembered last night how I end up laughing my ass off coz of the latest manga chapter of Naruto. It's super bitin. But I really got excited for team 7. Hmmm... I want to write a letter to Masashi Kishimoto to write and release the new chapter as soon as possible as my anxiety is now on it's boiling point. Weee...

Anyway, so much for now. Need to get back watching some old series.
Tata for now!

I realize the screaming pain
Hearing loud in my brain
But I'm going straight ahead with the scar...
                                        ~ sign by flow ~

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