Wednesday, May 22, 2013

what's up

A lot of people were asking me what's happening to me nowadays. Not that there's something new to me, but I guess they were wondering that I do kind of acting weird.

Okay, okay. I have to admit now. I'm sort of in a strict diet. 

I was able to restrain myself not to eat rice for four days. Unfortunately, my body gave up and I pig out with rice dinner tonight. Big time!

Eversince I got the visa, I was decided to lose weight, in any possible means. 

But to my grimace, nothing's happening. 

On the other side, I'm improving my water intake. Nowadays, am drinking atleast 7 glasses of water! What an accomplishment.

But my sleeping habit became worser than before. I really can't sleep at night. I even moved my bed location to get a different vibe but to no avail.

So I normally have to wake up late and run to the bus. I always have 20-25 minutes only in the morning to freshen up. So people, now you understand why am barely awake in morning and try not to get in my way otherwise you will be the victim of my fury, hah!

Seriously, my body is just moving automatically in the morning that sometimes I'll just realize am already in the hotel ready to start my work. 

I don't even remember how long I took my shower or how many sprays of perfume I had before running to the bus.

And worst, most of the time I don't recognize the faces of the people I see in the morning especially in the lift. No wonder a lot of them think am such a snob. But am not! Am just a sleepyhead.

Uh oh... I think I over ate again and am feeling numb. Waaaaaa....

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