Monday, March 05, 2012

bangs it is

I think going home early without no one to talk in the flat makes me crazy.

Staring at the mirror in the toilet, I suddenly became possessed and took a pair of scissors and cut more fringe. I cut and I cut until the sink became full of hairs (okay, I'm kinda exaggerating here). I just added a few more hairs and cut the ends. That's it.

it's not that long, it's just that my head's a bit bent so it looks like that

I had fringe since I came back to Dubai but never once I went to the office sporting it. I dunno, but somehow I have this strange feeling that I look really stupid having bangs. o_O

Tomorrow if I woke up in a good mood, I'll probably sport my bangs... Yeah bangs!




I'm wondering if my other sister and her husband can go on vacation on December. Hmm... Coz if not, he's telling me something good.

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