Thursday, March 22, 2012

it's thursday night!

Thursday night here was like Friday night in other countries. It's a bit strange but that's how it works here in Dubai. Work starts on Sunday and ends on Thursday.

Big papa was inviting us to go to his house and later drink and go out to the club maybe. I was too tempted to go, but I know that if I go, I'll end up drunk again. I'm kinda avoiding alcohol now as I'm feeling a little bit weird about myself. Think am getting old.

So instead of enjoying myself out, am kinda stuck here in the flat watching MTVs and browsing the net. Am so uncool.

Saw this letter in the living room advising us that a new colleague will live with us (she will be in room 3). Tsk! That's the part that am afraid of. Since we live in second floor, housing tends to fill in all the vacancies in lower floors. So I think when Blesie leaves us, they will put someone in bedroom 1 immediately. This housing buggers!

Sandra got lots of candies from Poland. But she's too shy to display it on her desk so she hide it on the steel cabinet. Imagine were eating candies for the last two weeks and we still got lots of them!

my favorite among the rest

I think I'll stop now from here coz I'm getting dizzy now. o_O

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