Wednesday, March 14, 2012

endless whining

If you don't want to hear any whining, you can close this page and leave. Cause this post is nothing but pure whining of mine.

I feel so pressured right now. With all the work that he’s dumping me right now, I don’t know what to do. And he keeps on telling me I need to shine, I need to prove something. But how can I manage my little time if he keeps on adding up work on me. Though he said he’s giving me a lot space, a lot of space is not what I needed. Yes it will be helpful but he keeps on pressuring me on other things.
I cannot tahan the idea that he keeps on giving me her work. If she can’t do it, why they can’t fire her? Okay okay, I’m being a bitch right now but what to do? It’s so unfair. Coz all she’s good at is laughing like a total slut to guys. Ha!

Ampf! Now I feel bad to what I've written above. 

Anyway, my manager spoke with me and told me to make sure to keep in good shape the LTAs which I'm not that super confident. Coz the owning company is keeping their eyes on us for doing a great job in the past months. And those past months, it's not me who's handling it so the credit is not mine. Ampf!

Life is so unfair!

And I'm currently sourgraping over the pic that I saw in fb...

I just realized, why we can't check in here in DFC? I think it's so unfair.


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