Friday, March 23, 2012


I'm happy when my love ones are happy, am sad when they are sad. That's me.

I'm currently so worried about my sister. And I wish it's already month end so I can send my money to them. I know that a lot of people tells me not to be too stupid in sending most of my salary to them but I cannot tahan hearing them talking like that. Haay...

Other sister also have problem. Goodness, I dunno how much I can handle right now.

Roomie already came back from vacation. And guess what we ate for breakfast? Buko pie! Super yums...

Now I'm here in the living room coz they were sleeping in the room and I don't want to disturb them. 

I wanted to go out but due to some reason, I don't want to go out alone coz I'll end up more lonely than staying in the house.

Been watching MTV since morning and I've seen a lot of Katy Perry's videos. She look good in "fireworks" mv. Luv it!

Anyway... I'm done for tonight.

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