Monday, March 19, 2012

random mumblings

Haven't blogged for days. Been busy for these past few days. And been very annoyed lately.

A lot of things changed. Maybe I got used from the old him that now I can't adjust to the new him. And I don't know if I can.

Erlyn's coming back this weekend and the other will leave by the end of April. Haayz... I just hope that housing will not immediately put a new one in the flat.

Summer is near. Dunno where to go or if our Oman trip will materialized. Never been to other GCC countries except UAE and Qatar. Ampf!

Am getting fat again. Well, I've never slimmed down, it's just my playful imagination says that before the wedding when am into dieting, I felt I lose some weight. But now, my tummies getting bigger every single day. And it makes me sick. I honestly don't want to end up like a teddy bear or Pooh but I can't help not to eat especially when am upset or pressured. I tend to eat a lot. 

Like last week, there are consecutive days that I ate two servings of rice and four fried fish. Today I ate five pieces of chicken, one serving of rice and bowl of macaroni salad. Uh oh...

I finished my dried mangoes. Haay... I so love it but it's so expensive to buy it here. Even my fave ube flavored 'pillows'. 

I'm almost done sending out the invoices from 01-15 of March. I'll do the AA and EKH tomorrow plus the other two LTAs that were left unsent coz reservations and FO were not replying to my email query. Bastards!

And I'll send the commission list of Alpha so I can post it in the system. Then I'll do rebates, I think about ten or more. Geez! And post all the staff deductions and priority rewards night.

Lastly, we (meaning me and the two) will sit and review the status of all LTAs. Cannot tahan telling them that I'm way too busy today to do any call follow ups. I know they'll probably kill me but I'm not just sending out invoices, I'm also posting all the payments we received in the two banks plus all the cheque collections as well as arranging cheque collections to the courier and replying to the my non stop emails. Ampf!

I want to go for vacation again... o_O

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