Tuesday, March 27, 2012

tuesday blues

I dunno what's freaking wrong today. Early in the morning, Joan almost spilled her mug full of tea on me. Lunch I accidentally mixed the salted eggs to the part of tomatoes (seeds) that I removed. And this night, I called my sister to get her account number coz I want to send the money today as exchange rate will be much lower by tomorrow. But instead of being nice to me coz am going to send money to her, she's so irritated to me coz I wake her up. Can you imagine that?

I'm in the office with my managers around but I couldn't control my temper at that moment. Well, atleast I didn't shout at her. I just cut the line and that's it. She was like a total lunatic. Well if that's what she wants. And here I was so excited when I received the text message that's salary's already credited in my account coz I'm going to send my wedding gift to her (which is by the money coz that's the most convenient gift) and all she replied to me was I'm giving her a terrible headache coz she's so sleepy. For the love of God!

Anyway, so much for being nice.

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