Saturday, March 03, 2012

first week after the vacation

Being back to the office and do actual work was just freaking insane. Not really insane insane but, technically I'm still reluctant to go back to work. Still lazy to wake up early.

First day was hell. Found out that my credit cards (not my personal cards but the accounts that I'm handling) were actually in a mess. Had to clean them up, up to the extent of hiding some amounts, just to make it look nice in the aging. He scolded me for leaving a lot of mess before my vacation (which is really not a big mess since there's no effect even if it was done on time or not). And ate cafeteria food again. o_O

Wednesday we went to the cinema to watch "The devil inside". Unfortunately the movie was a big disappointment and we left the cinema very uncontented. So Niko being Niko insisted on going for another movie. So we watch "The woman in black" which is way too better than the first movie.

Thursday being the last working day, we played bowling after work. Being the unsporty me, I got the lowest score of all... ahuhu... Anyway, after that we eat and drink.

Maybe I haven't drink for such a long time that now I can easily get drunk. Tsk! Imagine, for a glass of beer and three glasses of wine, I got a hang over the next day. 

Next day we went out for his post birthday celebration. Think is not a very good day. We went to church, but was not able to finish the mass as I'm really not feeling well. Then he told me that he needs to go to his brother's house early because his brother is throwing a party for him. And it's like only pass 4pm. and it means that we needed to go on separate ways early. I was so frustrated because I badly wanted to watch David Guetta in Abu Dhabi but didn't go because we were suppose to spend the day and night together. I'm so mad at him and so hungry and when we went to the Korean restaurant where he made a reservation, we found out that they are still close and will open at 7pm. We went to the other Korean restaurant near in Union station but also close. I'm so hungry so we just went to Chilis. Had soup but taste a bit weird so I lose my appetite at all. I wasn't able to finish my ribs which by the way are freaking big. Never seen beef ribs that big.

So after long persuasion, I agreed to go with him to his brother's flat. Honestly speaking, I'm not comfortable to go there. But just for his sake, I went there with a poker face. And after hours of sitting and trying hard to chew the food, we went out. Along the way, we decided to go to Boracay bar. When we went inside, I was asked twice for my ID. I almost freak out coz am freaking 28 years old and they don't allow me to go inside without showing any ID. Unfortunately, I still don't have my national ID and my company ID doesn't have any birthday of mine. Good thing I saw that my health card have it. Geez!

And he keeps on laughing at me. Very..funny..

So after spending hours inside drinking and eating, we decided to go home. Only to end up in a fight and forcing him to go get a taxi and go home (I actually have a reason but I cannot write it here as it's way too personal).

Inspite of all those misfortunes that happened to us, am still happy to spend my day with my meow.

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